Dewpoints | 2020

 I find myself reminiscing at beautiful childhood memories when we would play on the misty lawn and get our feet in dirt from running across the damped field. Remember walking to the school or the bus stop on a cold wintry morning? we can see the beautiful crystal drops of dew, and if you happen to be on the grass, they could well be soaking your shoes. Dewdrops are formed due to condensation of water vapours. Air around contains humidity or moisture. The presence of humidity is more in hot air as compared to cold air. 
  Last winter,  I looked outside and saw one of the heaviest blankets of ground fog I had ever seen.“There is actually a web spun above the funnel, which is where the spider hides while waiting prey. These webs are nearly invisible unless covered with dewdrops on a cool morning,”
 A dewdrop is beautiful and yet stays only for a short time. perfectly captured of round-shaped droplets with the clear reflection of the background; the composition of the droplets; and the clarity of the foliage or the grass as the backdrop of the image. dew droplet style of photography is best characterised with a hint of sunshine, rising up in the clear sky with a gathering of 
dewdrops on the green meadow. 

This is best for shoots in awkward positions when I'm lying down on my forearms. Grass spider is beneficial predators, eating a variety of insects in the lawn. They very rarely leave their webs, According to legend, when there is dew on Grass Spider webs in the morning, it will be a beautiful day.  Droplets of water appear in the early morning light are an I source of moisture and nourishment for many plants. This form of water with all of its life-giving powers silently appearing out of the night was viewed as mysterious and full of auspicious qualities. One of my most fascinating discoveries in the world of photography was made long ago.
          It was one of those rare moments where the dewdrops were not only large, but the air was dead calm.dewdrops in the grass sparkling like diamonds in the morning sun, a closeup of dewdrops suspended in spiderweb-like pearls on a string or the crystal-ball 
Dewdrops on blades of grass continue to be subjects that many shooters eventually migrate towards but as is often the case the results are far from fulfilling as the photographer quickly learns on their zoom lens is hardly macro at all. I've spent more than a few mornings lying in the grass with a macro lens mounted on my camera searching for the perfect dewdrop.

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