Smog | 2020

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Everyone was looking for a place to sit and draw a picture of nature at their convenience.  My friend and I were sitting close together. There was a small hut nearby, where some men and women used to come to work after lunch. Some women gathered there that afternoon. We all got involved in drawing. At that moment, the sun's light diminished and clouds began to form in the sky. The cold wind began to blow. The whole picture is incomplete. Raindrops fall before the materials required for the painting are collected. The raindrops began to fall before the materials needed for the painting were collected. We all hurriedly gathered our belongings and went to the nearest hut. As soon as we reached, the speed of rain increased. The simple, working women there sheltered us.Since we were in the city, it was easy to observe our way of life. Since we were in the city, our lifestyle was very easy to observe . There were nice big big trees trying away. The cool wind and the peacock's melodious sound were coming. Greenery and rain everywhere, it was a great moment.

Dry waste was burnt at a place in front. The rain was causing smoke to come out of it. The greenery in front was hidden in the thick smoke.It looked a bit smoky than the usual green nature. There was transparency in that. Somewhere in between, shades of green, red, and purple were visible. 
I was constantly looking for the scene hidden in front of it. It used to look like an abstract painting somewhere.
The nearest branches were seen rising on the smoke. 
Natural painting on the canvas of nature.

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