Festivals of season Ganpati bappa photography 2020

      Let's go to Ganpati Bappa today !
Maza Bappa
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       Its  a festival season. ganesh chaturthi is one of the most popular festival in all over india. where people from all religions, caste and creed together. ganesh festival is celebrated depending on the hindu calender usually in august and september. since the time of shivaji Maharaj, the founder of maratha Empire ganesh chaturthi was being celebrated as a public event in pune. in india, there are many states like Maharashtra, kerala, Tamil nadu and goa are celebrating this festival with big enthusiasm. for that day government  have declared a public holiday. but how many of us know that, why ganesh chaturthi is celebrated ? 

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       To honour the elephant-headed god  ganesh's birthday. lord shiva and goddess parvati's younger son. for ten days during the festival, colourful pandals are setup and the Lord is worshiped. foodies wait for Modak after ganesha poojan. as we know festivals provide us with a lot of photographic  golden opportunities. during any type of festival photography it requires a lot of skill and patience as a photographer. first make sure that, you give a pleanty of time to arrive. find the best spots, position for that gives you good vantage points. 

  Why not get more creative with your shots. When its said that festiwal, colors, lights,  joy, excitement all come to mind. Indian festiwals are always colourful.  This year i want to click this cute monocromatic ganesha idols pictures. As i fucused on idol i used my mobile phone camera. Keep shuttr speet down and focused on it. I don't need much equipment,  

When i use to take black background, its get a awesome pictures of baal ganesha. 

If you really like my photography, please let me know in the comment and share with your friends. 

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