Ganu bappa creatorphotography7 2020

Time to shoot baapa's pictures. 
Here, today I am sharing with you one more post of  Bappa.  if you click on the above picture of Bappa you thought its an eco-friendly Ganesha idol. yes, you are thinking right. this Ganesha idol made by me with shadu clay.  as we know the year 2020 has shown more disasters than we could have ever imagined. during this Ganpati festival, people bring Ganpati idol home and welcome with great fervor. so, we thought is it a good idea if we can make a Ganpati idol with shadu clay in this lockdown period and we decided finally. because of every year after the celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi, everyone comes together and together and immerses Ganpati in rivers, lakes, beaches. That includes a maximum of sculptures made from pop that have a bearing on the environment.

                  while making this Ganpati idol I had lots of fun. So far we have always seen different types of sculptures in the market.  In different colors and shapes.  This year, as something different, this idol has the same color. after completing this idol, I was waited for doing photography. when will  I open my camera and click the variety of angles?

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